The World at War in Newport

Delivering shelters in Maesglas

Old Maesglas Avenue This painting depicts the delivery of the Anderson Air Raid steel shelters.

At the out break of the Second World War.

Maesglas Avenue. {Welsh for green fields}

The future air raids to come. And the sound of marching feet of countless men. And the throb of engine vehicles towing big guns and machines of war.

Guns and Tanks. Night and day in a continuous stream went the many Soldiers of the British Army.

The B.E.F off to France.

On one occasion Men in ranks were marching and folks would collect to give the boy’s smoke.

And to the shock of many a girl friend and wife to see their boy friend or husband marching off to France.

Away at annual Training T.A camp. They were mobilised and had little choice.

The painter’s cousin was one of these men and taken prisoner at Dunkirk.

Spent the war in Stalag Luft Three.

These House’s of the thirties built for those in need of a house with a toilet and bathroom. Most of those living either worked on the Docks and Railway.

Les Thomas the writer of the Virgin soldiers grew up here and also Dick Richardson the Boxer who fought Valdez the American Boxer.

Gone are the old thirties house these houses having been refurbished. Many of the neighbours and folk of this area have moved to various other areas and their off spring flourish in all parts of the globe.

This scene only remains in memory. Sadly nothing is forever.

Harold Simon G.Hobbs, Renee.Plaister,  Vic Morgan.
Newport art gallery exhibit Vic’s dog Liza Mona.

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