Boot Black on the Grate

Cups that were without floral pattern but on the side the cup in proud letters G.W.R a non complimentary tea set by kind permission of G.W.R. Also one would read yesterdays news between the tea ring cup stains on the beautiful new daily news paper cloth of yesterday news print. Typical of the many poor families a Breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Salted Cod fish that had been soaked and skinned before a boil up with spuds. Aptly was named Toerag. Served with potatoes or tatter’s and a fresh knob of margarine mixed in pretense of being like butter.

Only it’s taste was not like butter

But the salt in the Stork or Echo margarine blended in harmony with the spuds. One was able or could drink a gallon of water. After eating a meal this low cost breakfast of abundant salted Cod fish. Far cry from today if ever saw the luxury of the view of a shop with a festoon of hanging saltfish which was so common in those times. Now rationed by price and over fished the poor dear Cod Fish.

The chore for the eldest was to cut up the news paper for the toilet into handy squares and hang on a butchers hook. To hang in the toilet for toilet paper for the week. While the Father black-leaded the grate. Coconut matting floor covering was swept or shaken outside amid a cloud of dust and a high ho silver. Hanging on the wall was a fortune by today’s prices prints of famous paintings.

Wind up gramophone and sideboard that would make a collector go cross eyed – Mother would often nag the old fellow constantly with tongue pie because he sold the bloody sideboard for ten bob to his driver

Pewter and china all from mothers side from her relations. Sadly chattels crockery were diminished by breakage’s over the years from the addition of the tribal kids increase.

Poor Father had only to hang is trousers on the bed.

Mother was up The stick or bung again

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