Bengy 1999

Once in a life time we meet a friend that the memory stays in one’s mind for the rest of one’s life.

This close friend maybe another of the species of the animal kingdom

or even a bird kept in a cage. I have witnessed in my life that people are very much touched by the loss of ones precious friend. Hard men and female of the species so taken by a loss.

We shed a tear of grief

Thinking we could never be touched by the loss of an animal. Myself for that matter thought I could not miss my dogs love so much

Why we ask is it so . They Give us there love and never doubt our bad side always ready to love and so forgiving never to hold a grudge.

I believe it makes one a better person having the experience being close to an animal But the learning process of going through and gaining that patience kindness comes as one goes through the university of life.

Pity we could not gain the compassion earlier and not be so unknowing as to they have the desires of comfort. Tucking up;Drying the paws and making one comfortable in the best armchair.

Its too late when they are gone you will wish you had done more but it will be too late.

Be Kind and patient now the memory later will repay your thoughts that you did your best.

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