A wind swept day and dull overcast skies.

A wind swept day and dull overcast skies.

Barrage Balloon Caught Up

The Elements of weather become an extra enemy in the expectation of impending air attack on near by Newport docks. In desperate futile effort to control the ever Jonah and the whale similarity defence barrage balloon. High tension power lines act in unison with high wind and destroys the effort of men and women of the air force balloon defence regiment. The depicted scene above is now altered. Road and buildings now grace this sky line of past scenic view. Long gone are the Pill Loco sheds and the spider web of railway lines that went over the bridge depicted carrying a train load of American Tobacco in their round crates. This bridge was a vital transport exit from the ships bringing in supplies to our country at war.

Unloaded from the berthed ships at the south quay and transported by tank engines puffin clouds of steam in unison and effort with a struggling country at war. Over the swing bridge and up the fourth road. Past the work place of NUMBER THREE CROSS OVER. A tall four story building The work place where the author worked when a boy on the telephone system and would dial signal box depicted which was FOUR TWO. message train now coming up the fourth road. Puffing like hell and tooting loaded with weapons of war. The Author his father often would drive his engine and train with loaded goods past and toot the hooter in carnival merriment. These were the days of troubled times of war news and men were cheerful at work never the less. We stood together united. Only one span is now remaining of its three spans of this bridge of sighs heavily guarded in war time by both our own troops and American. Vital rails link and target no doubt. And beneath the bridge in minds of courting young couples a memory will remain of days or nights that used to be. That maybe many of you were conceived.

A Day on the way to work place via he old road Maesglas. circa 1940

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