The Royal Albert Maindee

The regulars at the bar

The Royal Albert Maindee.With its prompt serving and friendly barmaids. Terry Williams and pleasant crowd of good ale drinkers supping instead of jabbing needles in parts that are not reached by a good pint of beer.Tony Titcomb the then landlord was of the breed of good and friendly landlords of this era. Which made for packed bars in these drinking water holes. No drugs or smoking bans prices cheaper than drugs. Making for anyone depressed could drown ones troubles in beer not drugs. One could rely on seeing a certain persons or character at ones local water hole as sure as day followed night. Jet Morgan beam me up Lemy. If I had a wish to be able to be transported back to the past.

If I were God chancellor

I would reduce the hop made fairy liquid and make it so much cheaper to get oiled up for a pound or two. Getting slightly intoxicated could be a lot more benefit than the permanent effects of hard tack drugs.

A Hangover doesn’t last forever.

Of course one must be sensible there is a difference in scratching ones arse and tearing it to pieces. Open longer hours in it self is not a good thing for our culture. Open for limited time with cheap ale buy one another a round or two of drinks and head for home with a guts poking out like a barrel. Makes for our friendly past way of life that existed before some meddling super whiz kid with a peak cap and silk underpants. With a wish to advise us how to eat oranges. He Joins a party receives his appointed power by creeping and pushing and spinning his ideas.

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