Heinkel Air Craft Crash Newport

A German Luftwaffe Heinkel Taken part in a attack on this Country.

Heinkel Air Craft Crash

This is a moment in time of a German aircraft of the Second World War. Returning to its base after a raid on a Liverpool.and damaged in the action struggling to reach its base. The Crew has moments to live along with the two Children in the house it would crash upon. The plane hit the Barrage balloon cable. The balloon site at Tredegar Park Newport. These sites were a vital part of the defence system to protect industry and Principal Town’s. The Heinkel struck the cable of the balloon and it catapulted the one-crew member through the front of the damaged fuselage window.

He parachuted to safety and came down near the British Legion off Cardiff Road. A local constable took him in to custody. Less fortunate were the other members of the crew they perished in the crash. Crashing onto an house in Stow Park Avenue Newport. Sadly sharing the appointment with death with brave young 18 year old Robin Phillips. Who screamed at his parents to get out quick and saw his parents to safety? Then went to look for his 15-year-old sister Myrtle.Robin fell into what had become a raging inferno at the rear of the house and died instantly. Perishing with his young sister. Later after the darkness had gone and the morning light the author went with friends to the site of the crash – Smoking smouldering wreckage of the plane. Rescue units were carrying mangled parts and pieces of the wrecked aircraft and dumping in a pile on the road outside the house. Mog a young lad aged thirteen innocent of the tragedy. Eager for souvenir tore off a piece of the German aircraft. Some person offered half a crown for the piece of plane. It was Rejected mog went to look at a parachute wet and burnt in the pile. Lifting up the white silk. Mog Saw what may have been a hand or just water soaked leather glove among the debris. Shocked and awakened by this gruesome sight. Turned and went away from the crash scene.
Workmen bringing further debris.

Moved every sight seeing young and old onlookers away from area of tragic burning wreckage. The airman Harry Wappler who survived the crash later escaped and lived to see the end of the war. Harry Wappler.died 1985 aged 76. His wife Son and daughter visit the town and crash site.

Frau Wappler

The 60th anniversary of D-Day was commemorated from Normandy to Newport on June 6th. In Newport the day brought back memories for war veteran Harry Polloway. The war was brought brutally home to him on September 13th 1940. When a German plane crash-landed on his friend’s house in Stow Park Avenue Newport Monmouthshire. Killing his friend and friends Sister.

Recounted that he had arrived on the scene of the plane crash not long after and Robin had brought out to safety his parents also the dog. The house already in a blaze of a fierce fire. Brave Robin went back into the house to rescue his sister followed by the dog both were killed in the blaze. Harry had a wall fall on him and was injured unable to help afterwards.

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  1. The young lads name that died in this episode never got out of the house and his name was Malcolm, his sisters name was Myrtle. Harry Polloway was not involved in any rescue attempt as he was miles away when it happened but he did arrive at the scene when the house was on fire, He did not meet his mate Malcolm (Robin). There is an account of this incident on my own web site including photographs. Harry Wappler saved his own life by leaving the aircraft without giving his comrades any chance of putting their own parachutes on.

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