A German Luftwaffe Incendiary Raid

Luftwaffen Raid on Maesglas

Air Raid on the Great Western Railway sidings Near Maesglas Housing estate. Circa 1940. The sidings had among the many vans landing among them a loaded van of none other than Whiskey. This went up in flames and smoke. The area depicted in this scene is the old road to the docks. The Bridge over Main Railway lines to Cardiff and West Wales Countless men and machines went over this bridge in 1939. Marched on their way to the ships before embarking for France. You can see the also some of the smoke screen contraptions that put up a acrid screen of oil burnt smoke when the docks were expected to be under expected attack.

Local people may remember this changed area. Now very much changed as the road to Comet and the various new trading buildings. Recently the author returned to walk this area through Maesglas past the Muffler club and on to the old road. The bridge is now in a rusty condition. And soon I fear will be dismantled along with the ghost of past footsteps of generations who once trod this way. Remain only a scene captured in a paint but no footsteps of the past heard. Also during this raid the house three doors away from Author had a direct hit with an incendiary bomb. Mrs Davies was rescued from the burning house and the fire extinguished.

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