The Windmill Theatre

The Windmill Theatre on R and R

The ever famous Windmill during the period of the closing years of the end of world war II. Service Troops would get their free tickets from a little hut in Trafalgar Square – To enable the service personnel to visit for free the shows in London. Remembrance of this period in time. This is a painting from memory for this painting of that time. Victor’s recollection. The visit to see the beautiful pink toned girls of youthful body see in the flesh of a young reveal all young lovely desired lady.On Stage with a fan of ostrich to cover parts that could stretch one’s imagination.
Being bare naked they had to be stationary while on stage. Memories of those service lads some to die before they ever felt that warm glow of closeness of warm flesh of a lovely lady.

We sure had it all!

Sweet scented well groomed. Stockings suspenders straight seams.Thoughts ? How in the past, we had all? One could stroll down any Town in this land, Smart dressed gals would turn your head. To just hold to dance the dance of youthful fancy. To smell that sweet scent of lovely women. Now it is a by-gone age of Delight to men of war generations who served with a back up of girls who deserve everything.

That made this country great.

Glad that I am to have lived in those happy times. Far different from today. Nothing is forever even the naked streaker do not seem to worry about movement. They streak in wild abandon across field or stage. No Mystery of our youthful desire. Never to dance that learning process of the first steps of youth its excitement of something new! Never to experience again that life “But full of care”.

Do it now.

Love respect what you have!

The nude progresses with all movement of present day no holds barred. With no fear or concern as to one’s exposure of the naked form. Friend foe or female. Past generations would more than their eyes pop out! Tut! tut!,giggle! All would have to a conceive a baby, if ever observing today television porno programs now freely being broadcast. The artist being at this period in time waiting to embark by Air transport. Flying in Liberators from Waterbeach Air field Cambridge. Bound for India by transit of Air-Trooping. Stationed in billets at the Sloane Square Fashionable City Houses. At today’s prices. You could not afford cost to stay on the steps!

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