The Mona Liza

Liza our gentle bulldog

In my Garden I look around.
My Liza Mona I buried in Grave in ground.
Along with Chamos a dog of mine.
We played together for a long long time
No more her loving face looks up at I.

I wonder why that we cannot keep in slot of time. The body of flesh and spirit so good – Memory stays and so it should Stop the clock to stay still in time.Go the memory of grief of that passing day. Forever we remain in time that’s past. memories of loved ones will ever last – Around you look– live and die. Mortals we without that thought. Remain only in spirit.


Gave Fourteen years Love happiness and pleasure after our Liza Mona had given her Eight years of companionship. What a love these Bull terriers gave. Your longing eyes at sight of lead. To walk, sniff and stroll some more. Oh happy days and memories. You did not die you only sleep. Your memory we will always keep. May the best of your past be the worst of your future.

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