The Hanging Man

The Hanging Man

A feeling of Community Charge.We have way’s to make you pay. Based on Working class sayings. What do you want Blood?. On the other hand You have me over a barrel! Alternatively,Some finer points of painting Too many Big Chiefs and free loaders all on the bandwagon.One worker pulling the knackers off another another. Some times the public sector on the backs of private sector. Public sector not all bad but sometime ruined by the creation of jobs for the favourites and over manning by union activists of distinct animal dinosaurs related to the now bird Crow. This is not meant to be of offence to you. Try to understand based on a feeling of so called desperation. The Representatives we elect pile on the bills after gaining their secure position. When the elected Parliamentary MP or local councilor. Ensure their pension is safe and well protected – while the chancellor raids the private paid in pension of our workers pension investment. You might not be at that level where you have to watch every penny. Spare a thought for those who gave their all for this country and are aged in the over seventy-six to eighty and over bracket with little income and in the winter of their life

Feelings of desperation of having no control over those whom have that power to make these decisions. Those smooth talkers and the chattering classes of this world. Against the working masses with no voice other than a cross at election times or maybe on a Hot Cross Bun. All you get is fifteen crosses and one up the cemetery. Your thoughts are you do have a vote. Yes! But do we have any say as to how and where and what you have to pay. Everyone at local elections when they vote a voting form able to tick a box in agreement with or against.On the big capital spending projects. One Example the Dome and Assemblies which has created so much animosity. Vote For it and you pay extra on your Poll tax you want it you pay for it. Set normal standing Community charges that are fixed by Central Government. Also base charges on the total income earned in that house. Lesson the burden on people below that income and not the get out form filling scam. That every elected official quotes to pass the buck when pursued on this question. Extra spending you want on these projects you pay the extra contribution.

You and not your neighbour. This in itself will encourage voters to turn out and vote. Enabling being taken to the cleaners by the Mafia laundering system of some Unconcerned Councils. Increasing the Council tax every time one has a rise in one pension. That helps cancel any increase one has in the ones pension. End the free holiday treat on a so-called fact find trip excuses. Holiday for elected personnel to some remote and non-relevant country. Given them extra family holidays with pay from our taxes. One final point I would wish to see the people whom rent our council stock be given the chance when entering the house to be given a chance to state if they would wish to buy with the rent they will have to pay for many years to come.

If they wish not wish to buy at that point they could be given an assurance that at the age of sixty five or a set age have the house free of any encumbrances of any rent to pay until death do us part. Rules would be worked that only the tenant etc so that no racket could be introduced. Many have paid for the value of their house over and over again and do not own a brick.

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