Star Bricks Works Carleon

Many Caerleon men worked their butt off in this now redundant Star Brick and Tile brick works. All that now remains is a fading memory of the past belching smoke from its two red chimneys. Each then commanding a view from a far over the green country side. The dirty red chimney stacks reaching out into the sky like big fingers. Red brick against the green grass and darker green of trees. Even that has altered somewhat only one Chimney now remains and the works has become a trading estate of Beer and Concrete products. But still the Avon Lwyd flows by with contempt for those that build in its path. I was here first and I will be here last ’tis the sound of this babbling brook from higher ground. That language of sound of flow over rocks – If one would listen as the river flows to the sea

Star Bricks Works Carleon

Man is washed.

Like a pebble in a mountain stream.

We brush and wear against each other.

As we journey to the sea.

While we are learning on our journey.

It’s molding you and Me!.

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