Kitty Cat

Mums favorite cat

Oh what fun and shear delight to have a pussy cat that welcomes the morning daytime light. With a gentle purr turning in slow circle around one’s legs. Brushing her smooth fur gently leaning touches against. But careful not to get under one’s feet. Meows and looks to tell one its time to eat. Happy days and memories of gone past day’s when our Kitty Mog grew up so soon – Every day that went so soon and quickly by. Became the time amount that adds up to old age. Eighteen plus years. A wisp of time.

A early morning meow gave welcome to me. I gave her little body frail with age a choice feed. Purring she seemed to rally. Comes before midday I came once again attend to her tucked up by warm radiator. No gentle meow or eyes to me gone were that life She Gently slipped away to Gods garden of all creatures great and small.

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