Ophelia drowing in a lake

ophelia drowing in a lake

My own vision of the modelling for painting by Millais of Ophelia Drowning in a lake.

And Model for this painting. Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal.

Discovered or seen first by William Allington a Custom Officer.

Who in conversation with Walter Deverall. Disclosed that he had discovered a beautiful girl. Elizabeth Siddal the shop girl who worked in a Milliners in Cranbourn Alley,

Deverall desired a model for his work.

The work his paintings of twelfth night.the subject portrayed in a disguised form.

This introduction soon had Holman Hunt painting this red headed Celt in one of his paintings.

Pre-Raphaelites artists were eager to have her pose for them.

And Millais had her model for his immortal Ophelia.

Elizabeth lying in a bath in Gower Street. Depicted in the bath full of rapid cooling water.

To enact the true pose. With draped wet clothes.

Candles were supposed to have been placed lit underneath to keep the water heat up.

Pre-Raphaelites methods to paint direct or true to nature.

Sadly on meeting one of the other PR.Brotherhood Gabriel Rossetti.

Elizabeth Siddal was pursued and Claimed and later Married to Gabriel Rossetti. His treatment of her and an her early death from an overdose of Laudanum.

A tortured man buried his book of poems in her grave and later dug them up.

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