Romany Gypsy’s Camp Awhile

Romany Camp

The Pre 1939 war years and the innocence and excitement of the Roaring Thirties. A Sunday Morning Working Men at their leisure A game of Pitch and Toss was Played what was then a Quiet spot on the Old Road Maesglas. Near the now Giant store of the big “W”. The authors Father had his allotment garden near by.On the ground that is built on now with the big steel gas Holder. This area has nostalgic memories for the author. And as a young lad had a little task on pay day if his father was on two till ten shift. He would wait by the bridge for father to drop down to him a little tin box containing his wages inside a bright new white fiver. Mog had instructions to go straight home hold in his hand and not stop and talk to strangers. Much later during the war the noise of the enemy aircraft, and all the other guns firing. On the now comet store site. The big old navel gun stood on what was an ash tip. Mounted for anti aircraft work. It soon became well known as it shook the whole area when the gun crew fired the thing. The monster green painted gun barrel stood out from its circle of sand bagged, position ever pointing at the sky, Standing out for there was a slight rise to its position, and was not far from where the father of Mog had his allotment garden. Sometimes it fired when his Dad was working on the garden And he often joked that there was not any need to dig the leeks out of the ground. The vibration of the old gun shook them out. When the bloody gun fired.

The area each side of this old road. Many family men had pig sty’s chicken coups and nanny goats you name it they had it in their allotments or yards. One prominent landmark garden shed was a big lifeboat upended and stood for many years. But alas with the new development of this area it stands no more. A void of space as if it never was. Many of us youngsters would watch the tosses of coins throw into to the air. Only a chink of penny coins could be heard in the deadly silence of the wait of fall to ground. Men of the bet heads a tanner. A penny coin could buy a lot in those days. Four pennies would buy a pint of beer. Tuppence bought a five-woodbine packet of Cigarettes. A Three penneth of liver. And plant an extra row of spuds for the next kid about to be born. If the misses was up the stick, or with child as a friendlier saying. no on the pill then . you has yor fun and work to keep the kids great simple life. with the washing day Monday blues bubble and squeak! fry up. and down wind flavour of cabbage aroma.

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