Fire Bomb Hit

Home of Mar Davies – Incendiary Bombed.

Fire Bomb Hit at Ma Davies

Direct hit on house at 110 Maesglas Avenue Newport Mon. Mrs Davies. Depicted in painting was rescued from the flames. Brought out from the house by volunteer local Men in the A.R.P. Many Men from the Maesglas Area trained to become fire fighters and rescue workers in those war time years. This night in Question of the attack on what was a residential area. Maesglas=”[Greenfield]”Nick Name “MOSCOW” for its left views of red flag flying high. The incendiary bombs were scattered over a this area of the estate. Though we were just children at the age of thirteen and fourteen. In an eagerness to take part and be considered an help – Would accompany the neighbour on duty patrol of fire watching in the area.

The night in Question of the incendiary attack.The men of the A.R.P. had done a good and effective job at containment of the bright burning incendiaries by swiftly dab a bag of sand on the offending bright light that would know doubt be a possible guiding light for the droning aircraft above. Possibly we were more of an hindrance in our innocence of youth and inquisitiveness to see the bombs burning brightly when one lifted a sandbag. This inquisitiveness not only took the young Often elder people would flock to observe bomb damaged buildings and would go out watching the planes caught in the searchlight and the shell bursts and shrapnel flying and whining every where.

This attack by the German Luftwaffe was their part in effort to demoralise the British spirit before the final attack of the German forces on this Country. Far from it even though short of food and night attacks with lack of sleep. One often would hear of some town in the country having a harder time. We were so cemented together in our unity of the defeat of our then foe. A nation of British we stood together.

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