The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose Painting

The Mary Rose. One of the past tragic sea events. The Titanic was another tragic disaster. The Titanic twice I have painted in oil on canvas two separate large paintings of this event. Why do we look to these tragic events to Portray. The Raft of Mendusa by Theodore Gericault. The Preparation for his painting The artists exploration by Drawing to finalise his intentions of final composition. What is it that can make a great work of art. Be it music that makes your blood run cold and tingle. When a talented singer. With emotion and feeling that is put into their effort is able to grip you. The marks of the arrangement of words or dabs of paint. Mean little unless presented in certain way.

Perhaps I am rambling and drifting, and wondering why I am unable to be as good at this craft. Even some heroic person in an act of defiance against the elements of nature man some time over estimates these elements. Tragedy is no new thing to mankind. It does sometimes stir us up into action to prevent it happening again. Even though we only are concerned with things that happen in our own back yard. Sadly every day some little tragic event takes place some where in this round blob we call earth. Long ago those men and Ship the Mary Rose sailed to meet the foe and Capsized. Were they destined to be a sacrifice. For the capsule of future Given in the Raising of this ship.gave us a look at time past. Every Man then is a part of history.

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