The Marines at Portobello

The Marines at Portobello

One of my paintings of the Battle of Portobello by George Chambers. Some of my first paintings I Painted reduplicated well known paintings. Some would Call it copying Myself I call it the learning process. Possibly because one has not the freedom to change the composition. Compared when painting ones own Composition. The image you are looking at now is one of them. Many of my Patrons wanted work of Turner and Constable – Lets face up to it when you look at the artwork painted in time past The work of these great painters

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  1. Mandrake, Egypt

    Yes sounds like one of his – he signed that way during the first years – think its a copy of a Turner but to say without seeing a photograph as the archive for those years are incomplete

  2. Would you be able to tell me if a painting I own is by yourself. It is signed V.R Morgan, May 77 and It depicts a battle seen in a storm. Thanks

      1. Hello,

        I sent a message for Victor Morgan has I have a painting on my wall and I wondered if it was one of his and if there was any back story around it. I sent the message in 2013 and I have only just seen the reply from yourself as I stopped using this email address. I am more than happy to send pictures of it as its one of the best things I own.



        On Wed, 27 Mar 2013 at 07:56, Victor Morgan’s Blog wrote:

        > Chris Morgan commented: “Copy of a Turner original – love to see a photo – > did sign that way when started out” >

      2. Wow I have only just seen your replies, many years later. More than happy to send pictures as its one of the best things I own. Just send me your email address. Cheers Will

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