Rosey Entertains the Terriers

Rosey Entertains the Troops

Rosy entertains the Terriers off to France. Many thousands of these men would never return our Island shores again. A story of the Second World War seen through the eyes of the artist and author of this page. The outbreak of the second world war. Men and Machines day and night went down this Avenue of this depicted scene of times past. Our young men of that generation of this County. A united Country so rich past Sacrifice to help other people in all parts of this world. Those Men who became Service men who originated from the various regions of this country. Serving with the various regiments of the British Army Famous names as the Oxford and Bucks the Royal Engineers. Royal Artillery and many more numerous named Regiments.

The shining brass cap and shoulder badges. Soon became a new collecting craze of the school boy youngsters. Eventually these men ended up on the Beaches of Dunkirk in one of the biggest evacuation feat of the war. Snatching from the German forces a victory. Which could have been nearly a total defeat for our forces.In a patient ever ending line of patient waiting men in a wave swept beaches wading to the limits of a mans height in salt water.Boarding the awaiting small ships the withdraw to this island to live and fight again. Many small boats from the Usk made the trip to bring back the soldiers.

One small boat that had made the rescue mission was moored for many years in the river, Not far from the St Julian hotel. Its owner and skipper lived in one of the adjacent houses on the riverbank.
We now owe so much to these generations.

The depicted scene.

Mrs Rosy Cueto who entertained the Troops. Dressed in the attire of a Scottish Islander. Only the Sporran was a rampant humming stinking salt fish.Smelling like a fish market on a Monday morning after a hot week end or something that had crawled up a rats backside and died. With a pair of old shoes.Welsh Humour at its best in time of war. Free gifts of Cigarettes and chocolate etc were given to the marching men. All from the proceeds by the collection of pennies from the Maesglas area neighbours of Avenue. These local part time soldiers were at summer training Camp with the Territorial Army. Wives and girl friends of many of these men were surprised by the sudden appearance or a shock of seeing their Husband or boy friend in the ranks of the marching soldiers. Who were thought to be safe at annual training Summer Camp. Now in full FSMO Marching away down to the Docks then transported off to France by the waiting ships. Many men had been lived in the local area.

A gasp of surprise of many a young wife or girl friend could be heard. Elements of our Younger generation among the crowd did not understand the tears and anguish of those with their loved ones that were among the ranks of soldiers we could see marching away. Little did we realise our lives would be changed forever as these events unfolded. Soon would come the time for many of the now staring youngsters to be marched away in the not too distant future of this Second World War. The Cousin of the author is among those who marched away. Fought in the rear Guard action By the Royal Engineers. Demolition to delay the advance of the German Army was then taken Prisoner of war. Spending the rest of the Four war years in Stalag luft 3. Bert Palfrey later married Miss Hathaway of the Avenue who waited is return Home. Believed the that the Muffler Club could add a sequel to this as a lot of time was spent being Chairman I believe. Never will generations ever return to those days of pre war innocence we enjoyed in our lives. Those simple street games of engagement like mob or kick the tin. Or the skipping rope with mums having a skip with skirts a flying high. Laughing While randy men look on!

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  1. Hi, Rosie Cueto was my Nana who brought me up, so I lived in Maesglas Avenue. Rosie was a big part of Maesglas working tirelessly for charity’s, I remember my childhood as a whirl of dressing-up clothes, singing and always lots of people in our house. If you needed help with anything Rosie Cueto would be there, she helped ladies give birth & also washed and laid people out ready for the undertakers. She liked a good song-song in the pubs & Clubs her signature song being Sally. Rosie passed away 21 years ago aged 89 & there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about her & the many stories she used to tell us. Tina Cueto

    1. Tina
      I read your message to Victor and he remembers her well & will great affection. She sounds a great local character, salt of the earth. Blessings to her, I’m sure where she is now, she’ll be livening the place immensely
      Chris Morgan.

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