Day Trip to Lighthouse Newport

Simple Day trip to light house seaside or mudside. Before the war years and also during the 1939-45 and for some time after the war local people enjoyed the Walk or bike ride to the Lighthouse St Brides. Or even catch a bus if one had the spare cash. Today it would be considered pretty tame to Cycle down to the lighthouse. We the young enjoyed the camping with a sack tent and a bottle of water. A tin of corn dog (BEEF) and the tent made from sugar sacks from the market Grocer Sewn together with string. You could even buy a cup of tea and little shop sold a stick of rock.

Day Trip to Lighthouse

Paddle in the mud and come out with what looked like socks but were mud up to the knees Happy days. One could also play a game of putting in the enclosed well-kept green. With its red bricked wall enclosing the green. A white little hut and a very tall gentleman in black suit and a ratting hat. dished out the putting sticks for those interested to part with a few pennies to play the game. All the remains of this green is a few remaining bits of wall sadly only a memory of those times past. Also on the fore shore a bricked small-enclosed swimming pool which filled up on the tide changes and great fun it was to splash about in.

Much Later in the 1965 years I myself progress to seek permission for a launch site for my ski boat from the light house shore. Satisfaction came and Eventually I did water ski after the effort and help from many good friends Keith Richards, Rodger Jenkins and his dad. Rodger Later became world power boat racing Champion. and raced all over the world. My son Roy, Martin and Eric and many more helped to build the concrete launch Ramp. Cementing the steps of the River boards built ramp. Mr Williams the farmer was also a friend of Pat Cullimore. Pats father I worked for, as a boy in the early forties war years at Tredegar estate and house. Mr Williams grazed the land with his herd of black cows.

Gave myself permission to use his gateway. A bottle of whisky gift being in order. For some time we enjoyed the sport and many folks from the caravan park joined in and enjoyed our lovely summer evening frolic in water sport Our steel winch stanchion is all that remains on the top of our ramp of memories. I have fond memories of this whole area where my thoughts now are of war years when gun sites with neat sand bagged bunkers and bristling guns and new radar technology Primitive wire mesh on stakes of angle iron spread over these fields.

Many huts filled with soldiers and ATS girls. With fields with rocket guns and later Camps of American soldiers. Soon to court the many beautiful girls and stroll the lanes of life. Many American soldiers destined for the beaches of Normandy. Those who survived the slaughter they too may remember the little Dance hall near the turn off and also that ever-memorable walk along the flood bank as the sun slowly sets. As it now sets on the ghost of the time and all of those who walked this way in times past. Lads who never came back. among the many.

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