Bengy 1999

Once in a life time we meet a friend that the memory stays in one’s mind for the rest of one’s life.

This close friend maybe another of the species of the animal kingdom

or even a bird kept in a cage. I have witnessed in my life that people are very much touched by the loss of ones precious friend. Hard men and female of the species so taken by a loss.

We shed a tear of grief

Thinking we could never be touched by the loss of an animal. Myself for that matter thought I could not miss my dogs love so much

Why we ask is it so . They Give us there love and never doubt our bad side always ready to love and so forgiving never to hold a grudge.

I believe it makes one a better person having the experience being close to an animal But the learning process of going through and gaining that patience kindness comes as one goes through the university of life.

Pity we could not gain the compassion earlier and not be so unknowing as to they have the desires of comfort. Tucking up;Drying the paws and making one comfortable in the best armchair.

Its too late when they are gone you will wish you had done more but it will be too late.

Be Kind and patient now the memory later will repay your thoughts that you did your best.

Bengy our Wonderful Bull

Bengy our wonderful Bull.

Benny the Bull Terrier

In his fourteenth year He suffered with his heart. My wife who was also ill and on medication. Our loving concern that he is on tablets also not very well to see him ill I did my best to make him comfortable by a warm radiator on a mattress of a Deck chair I would warmly tuck him up. Carry him to do his toilet. Why oh! god is not swifter than that long sufferance that racks the mind of those that survive. Ben was soon to depart, a decline of our happy Years. Our sons flying the nest of those sad times that come to us all, soon I myself Victor was to be alone, at the loss of my faithful wife Joan.

What a mind battle of grief, but! God do sometimes work a in merciful way. Eve! a lady friend in a fate meeting Eve helped me to go on. I will be ever grateful in my heart. Sadly life does not always work out the way we want it to be. Ever with my affection for Eve for the help given to my grief torn soul. Sadly Ben Passed Away Thursday January 13th 5.50pm 2000. With sorrow in our hearts we have to face the lonely path ahead.

Dear old friend you and I will never again ramble these fields and woods again.

A dog in a million.

Real tears of grief. MY life has lost its sparkle. One can never go back in time —Only in the memory of one’s own mind — Live and live then for today–to hell with tomorrow– or Heaven—
Sorrows come and sorrows fade——– Like angry clouds across the sky—- They Fade—–And soon will come a time when we learn to laugh and smile again — As sorrows Fade——.

Robin in the garden with a blaze of red. Frost on the windows—-Cold out side.– winters here and I’m inside.— No shinning sun or blossoms red–or bright fresh green. Save the berries red of holly and green of Ivy– When early morn the frost is white and all around.– Our Bengy lies out there in the ground.— My body racked with pain of grief— Sorrow– sorrow— and no relief memories of Ben I will always keep.

No more we walk in the morning light– And accept the end of a day a fading light.– The coming of evening tide and stars that glint. The long dark night begins its stint.– Against darkened clouds that race on high. On dark cast sky. Some streak of light Grey to Color from long chill night. Rising sun of golden dawn. No song of bird in early morn .– Shed Tears are dry and nearly gone. Sorrow turns back my mind to memories. Memories of past happy years– moments of love. That will remain etched in our thoughts forever. Another day— times span short in hours.–speeds itself to another long dark night.— And fading grief but “OH!” what a memory of our faithful Ben. We will always keep.

Bengy takes a lick

Bengy takes a lick of an icecream

A moment in time of a happy day on Holiday at Bevan’s holiday Caravan site at Oxwich Gower.

Ben loved to walk and chug along the Beach.

Many Children loved our Ben and some little girls would often hug him and kiss him.

He just loved people and lapped it up when anyone welcomed him

Even the cats liked him and would come up to him and lick him.

Happy days look after your pets you never know how long you have their love for.