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I believe that art is not about money. Money does help to be able finance further work I don’t know what makes one want to work and create. So Think of me Freezing in my Garret. This tired old man with hair like snow. Struggling just like many of you. Only I am in the winter of my life. To unload entire site get a weight lifter.

Army Service in India and Ceylon. NorthWest Frontier. Punjab. Deolali. Gunner. Royal Artillery. Field. Coast. Mountain. 56 Heavy 7.2 How. Came home withdraw from India on the granting of Independence to India 1948. On S/S Ortranto. F8.port. Worked on Railway. Refineries. Docks. Ship Building. Atomic power Station Reactors. In addition, British Steel Llanwern.

Painting In My Own Style Of Times Past.

Based on my own memories. Always had that desire to paint.

A self-taught artist.

In the category of painters dubbed naive and primitive.

I take no offense at this label.

Also engaged in creation of welding sculpture.

I should have pursued this sculptural part of my oeuvre more vigorously

Limited Few Patrons Own my sculpture pieces.

MY taking up the tools of brush and paint-So late in life.

I was at at that age when I no longer obtained any great pleasure from motor bikes. Motor cars.pleasure boats.

With Age The Desires of I want. Became extint in my mind and body.

Sport of drinking from a damp pint glass declined.

My engagement in the active sports of water ski-in and sub aqua diving.

I sought other less demanding interests. Moreover with reflection. I suppose we all look to that vocation or craft or longing to create- Something we would have desired to have been able to achieve.

Priorities and the overriding factor of the need to work to and support ones family.

Which deprives many from doing what they would desire to do.

Talented or not- Money and a silver spoon do play its part in life. I was lucky. I did it my way.

I took a giant leap for mankind.

I went back to a cave man primitive mentality similar in time to the period of cave painting at Altimira Spain.

Within the limits of poor painting tools and little knowledge of the craft of the arts.

Poorly educated and forced by events of those times had to work at the early age of thirteen.

I had little choice. Much later in life but to teach myself to paint.

I gave up the constant going on the puggled pani. Stayed within the confines of my home and became a recluse and frugal monk. Saving my pennies to buy brushes paint and canvas.

I spent a period of time flaudering and daubing paint about and in a bit of a labyrinth about art.

The chocolate box brigade of art Society Slick and how good I am- sometimes had an influence.

In some way of turning me away from that untutored innocence of the naive style of painting.

It was fun

Interesting and I let it take me where it wanted to go.

Like being in the innocence of ones childhood days.

Like those childhood days times past

When so young their first introduction to the learning process.

Tactfully when grown elders would not ridicule the untrained child.

The child’s gallant effort of painting of big nose of daddy or a distorted body.

It was Relaxing by not being Shackled to the perfection disciplines of the trained artist.

I trust this period I did produce maybe?. Something of value for posterity.

I regret I have now lost that innocence that I once had.We move on in our lives with the learning process breaking new ground.

But Sadly the leaning process destroys that naive innocence.

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11 thoughts on “About Me Victor Morgan”

  1. Hi to one and all.
    Felt compelled to add a few treasured memories of a personal dear friend i had the pleasure and privilege of knowing.
    I was so sad to hear of his passing. We shared some laughs across the years. He always referred to me as ‘Cockney’!
    Myself and my wife visited Vic and his lovely wife Joan at their home,and again sadly after Joan had passed.
    Although there was distance in miles between us,my being from Essex and Vic in Caerleon,we always retained a bond of friendship by way of letter and phone.
    I first met Vic whilst working at LLanwern Steelworks in the 80’s. He was a resident boilermaker and i was a contractor steel erector and welder. The moment we met i knew i had found a truly decent fella. A kindred spirit. One of your own so to speak.I was drawn to his eccentricity and ‘Spike Milliganesque’ view of life and the world at large.
    I was into my art,enjoying splashing paint on canvas in a amateurish fashion,and soon found out about Vics huge passion for it. We shared many hours chatting on the subject,until we were prompted to ‘Do A Bit’ for the company! Haa.

    I actually own quite a few pieces by Vic,from paintings through to signed postcards from his local museum. I have a heap of letters and Christmas cards from him which i keep in a Treasured Memories box. He even created a painting of my eldest daughter,being only a young girl at the time,encapsulating her recent popularity as a child fashion model! This piece of artwork is a true ‘One Off’,just like dear ol’Vic.
    I sincerely hope this brief snapshot in time has ‘Warmed The Cockles’ of his friends and family. While we are remembered and being spoken of with love and fondness,we still live on.
    God Bless ‘Yer Little Cotton Socks’ mate.
    I’ll meet you on the ledge!
    All the best to all who matter.

  2. Can Victor Morgan please Get intouch with me about 2 original paintings i have since my grand mother passed away

  3. Hi Victor, I hope you’re well…
    I’m a great Grandson of Rosie Cueto and was brought up with her and her daughter, Linda. Your artwork is outstanding and I would love to be able to purchase the original ‘Rosie Cueto’s toerag goodbye’. Do you know the whereabouts of the painting and if it is for sale please?
    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Mr Morgan – I am currently writing a short (not for profit) film about the author Leslie Thomas for the Caerleon Arts Festival 2016. I would love to use your image of Maesglas Avenue in the film. I of course would give you full credit. Can you contact me ?

    1. Monty
      This is great – Vic would love that – he has lots of good memories of Leslie Thomas who was a “Moscow” boy I think (Moscow being the local name for Maesglas back in the day. If you could let me know when the film is available and send a link, I’ll make sure Vic gets to see it. Leslie Thomas collected postcards of all Victor’s paintings and I’m sure he would be pleased, wherever he is now, no doubt enjoying himself, bless him.

      Chris Morgan

  5. I’m hanging on in there – visually impaired but getting by – thank you for your support – knowing you all is a pleasure


  6. Mandrake, Egypt

    Victor still going strong although not doing so many pictures these days – his email is on the blink but i will pass this message on

  7. Hello, I’m writing this on behalf of my Husband Colin Wright, he worked at Llanwern and often talks about his friend and colleague “Victor Morgan ” . We have one of your paintings that you gave him. Colin often wonders what happened to you . Kind regards , Alison x

  8. Hi Vic
    Often Have a think about the old days in the Mill, Lots of the oldies gone now. Have not had transport for a few years so a bit restricted. Wife passed 15 years ago and oldest son end of 2011. We have lived through a lot of change mate, and a lot not for the better now.

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