The Rat Raft Race

The painting is based on a feeling of working in the giant LLanwern Steel works.

The wrangling and strikes of the various unions over job demarcation.

The double headers and backbiting of men in the rat race to further their own progress to the elevation to the FOREMAN’S job or higher up the slope.

Flying up the road early. A term used to fly off without clocking off get ones mate to clock your card when working on overtime,

General melees of the work place sewer of dog eat dog to put it mildly.

Red tape. F*** you Jack I am in board.

Shop stewards doing the time study for men they so represented.

Could not get on board QUICK enough.

All the graft and corruption of a Nationalised Industry.

The impression of the head of the then chairman Villiar’s awash besides the boat. In this sewer along with the ghost in the mist of monks ditch.

The skeleton caretaker last crew

It came to pass that all went down the sewer.

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