Isca Silurian

Carleon Roman Fort at Isca

With plan and Perspex view of Isca. Home of the second Augusta Roman Legion.

The Church stands and is shown in the centre of the old Roman City.

You can see plan and view as it is today.

Superimposed on Roman Period.

Other views are of local views around the fort.

Not forgetting the Celtic fort on Lodge hill.

The Romans drove the Celts off the hill fort and made it their summer fort.

Again we can observe the over shadowing of Celtic historical past by Roman domination.

The culture of the Celts even today takes a back seat compared to the Roman.

The dominance of Roman excavated building work of amphitheater etc stands out having stood the test of time.

You are able if you ever visit Caerleon.

To view the wealth of Roman Finds in the illustrated pillared Legion Museum.

This is next to church. Right in painting.

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