The Old Bull Caerleon

The Old Bull Pub Caerleon

You are looking at the village square with the view towards Jenkins the Iron Mongers. and also depicted is the Post office with its traditional red painted cast iron post box. The village still nestles in its past traditional old world or ravaged by the whiz kid over zealous young adventurous rip apart property development brigade. The Bull stands out as a traditional water hole for the travel sick tourist. Intent on sight seeing of Roman artefacts and remains. Ken Davies rides his vegetable cart in Roman or Celtic the last charioteer of Caerleon on USK. Faithfull horse Vicky towing the loaded cart on Kens round of vegetables sold to public at point of contact. Sadly the Scene is in time past. Kens Faithful horse friend Vicky passed away. The sadness of this traumatic endured time from the loss of his horse. Ken not long after sadly passed away and with sadness one can reflect that nothing is forever. Old age is remembering the past.

Ones old age is the is looking back on the never to be recaptured youth of ones yesteryear. One can never go back in time in body only in the memory of your own mind. Live then for today. Buy your beer at the bull and to hell with tomorrows hangover.

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