Roman Soldier Spears Celt

Roman Soldier and Celt

Sculpture of tribe Silure Warrior Celt – The Celt depicted in battle with Roman Archer and Front line soldier. Wounded by spear. Attacking Roman position. The Celts maintained a high discipline. Training their young offspring in Charioteer handling. They would drop warriors off and lay back in the rear and wait to make a speedy pick up. Taught to manoeuvre and jump a ditch and stop on instant spot. The disciplines of the Roman soldier allowed them to remain the superior.

Well Trained was taught to fight for a time flat out for Roughly Three-Quarters of an hour. Then step back. A fresh soldier taking his place. Handling sword spear and shield to maximal effect. Delaying in their full use of spears to attack. While waiting craftily for the Celts to expend their spears. Finally bringing their held back spears into full action. Roman defence on the March when at camp were defended by moat and stockade.

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